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Reception-Miss Lambert

Welcome to Miss Lambert's Reception class!


Welcome to our class page, where you can find class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.

If you have any ideas for this page, please let Miss Lambert or Mrs Pendleton know!
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Our Chatsworth Farm Trip

Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 1 On our way to Chatsworth!
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 2 Digging in the Adventure Playground
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 3 Using pulleys
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 4 Working together on the water run
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 5 What can you hear?
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 6 Practicing our core strength skills
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 7 Making tunnels
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 8 Listening carefully in our barn session
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 9 We liked the guinea pigs
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 10 We fed and brushed them
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 11 Taking turns
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 12 Carefully stroking the hen
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 13 Meeting the goats!!
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 14 Holding baby chicks carefully
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 15 Learning about how they grow
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 16 Making goat milk
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 17 Feeding the goats
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 18 Lunchtime!
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 19 Watching the sleepy pigs
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 20 Counting the piglets
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 21 Visiting the shop
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 22 "Riding" on the tractor
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 23 Meeting the horse
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 24 Walking back to the coach
Our Chatsworth Farm Trip 25 Firemen practicing at Chatsworth

Musical Gems Workshop

Musical Gems Workshop 1 Can you make a circle?
Musical Gems Workshop 2 Making a "heartbeat" with our hands
Musical Gems Workshop 3 Listening carefully
Musical Gems Workshop 4 Can you use your singing voice?
Musical Gems Workshop 5 Peanut Butter Jelly song
Musical Gems Workshop 6
Musical Gems Workshop 7 Making a musical train
Musical Gems Workshop 8 "Cheese and biscuits"
Musical Gems Workshop 9 Using space well
Musical Gems Workshop 10 Working together
Musical Gems Workshop 11 Our parents joined in
Musical Gems Workshop 12 Singing together
Musical Gems Workshop 13 Great fun doing our silly walks
Musical Gems Workshop 14 Singing about our cuddly friends

Summer Term 2 - All At Sea


We have reached our final half term in Reception and how time has flown!

Now we begin the work of preparing for our transition to Year One and looking forward to the summer break.

Before that though, we will be continuing to work and play hard in all aspects of our curriculum and we hope to enjoy every minute together.




Summer 1 - Let It Grow!


Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Easter break and are ready for a fun half term ahead!

Our new topic is "Let It Grow" - we will be looking at growing and changing in terms of ourselves and the natural environment.


Outdoor Learning Week 2 - Spring

We ran our second Outdoor Learning Week of the year based around Easter and Springtime.

We made art, played games, practiced numbers and shared our ideas and opinions.

Thank you to everyone who came to help with and share our activities. Here are a few pictures of our favourite activities.


Spring 2 - Families and Traditions


We are learning about different families and places we live in . We will be celebrating Chinese New Year and learning about how we get ready for celebrations differently.


We will also be meeting special guests who will tell us all about their jobs.

Picture 1 Exploring 3D shapes
Picture 2 Exploring 3D shapes
Picture 3 Exploring 3D shapes
Picture 4 Exploring 3D shapes
Picture 5 Exploring 2D shapes
Picture 6 Making temporary art
Picture 7 Red Nose Day dress up
Picture 8 Red Nose Day dress up
Picture 9 Red Nose Day dress up
Picture 10 "Splatting" our words
Picture 11 Maths on the computer
Picture 12
Picture 13 Practicing our physical skills
Picture 14 Practicing our physical skills

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 1 We made spiced red playdough
Chinese New Year 2 Colouring Chinese dragons on the computer
Chinese New Year 3 Making playdough dumplings
Chinese New Year 4 We painted blossom trees
Chinese New Year 5 Talking about our creations in Show and Tell
Chinese New Year 6 Making Chinese lanterns
Chinese New Year 7 Making Chinese dragons
Chinese New Year 8 We made "Happy New Year" envelopes
Chinese New Year 9 A spot of tea?
Chinese New Year 10 Practicing our writing
Chinese New Year 11 Trying different Chinese foods
Chinese New Year 12 Trying different Chinese foods
Chinese New Year 13 Taking orders in our cafe
Chinese New Year 14 Practicing Chinese writing


Jobs 1 Hairdressing
Jobs 2 Being Police Officers
Jobs 3
Jobs 4 Scientist visit
Jobs 5 Scientist visit
Jobs 6 Scientist visit
Jobs 7 Swimming visit
Jobs 8 Swimming visit
Jobs 9 Swimming visit
Jobs 10 Vetinary visit
Jobs 11 Vetinary visit
Jobs 12 Vetinary visit
Jobs 13 Vetinary visit
Jobs 14 Hotelier visit

Spring Term 1 - It's Cold Outside!


We begin the new term with our topic "It's Cold Outside", learning all about the weather and how this affects us. We will be looking at ice and snow and the animals that live in the Polar regions.


Reception will also be taking part in 2 sessions of "Balance Bike" training in order to improve their balance and support their physical development.


This term we will begin to send home Maths homework as well as reading books, in order to consolidate the learning we are doing in school.  Please make sure your child has a go at these tasks at home.

Spring 1 Curriculum - It's Cold Outside

We had great fun in the snow!

We had great fun in the snow! 1
We had great fun in the snow! 2
We had great fun in the snow! 3
We had great fun in the snow! 4
We had great fun in the snow! 5
We had great fun in the snow! 6

Balance Bike Training

Balance Bike Training 1
Balance Bike Training 2
Balance Bike Training 3
Balance Bike Training 4
Balance Bike Training 5
Balance Bike Training 6
Balance Bike Training 7
Balance Bike Training 8
Balance Bike Training 9
Balance Bike Training 10
Balance Bike Training 11
Balance Bike Training 12
Balance Bike Training 13

Happy New Year!


Welcome back to Reception, we hope you have had a fun and restful holiday period.

If your child has had fun in the snow or has done something that has made you say "Wow!" over the break, please let us know.

We love sharing achievements and pictures from home with our class.

Our Christmas Play

Our Christmas Play 1
Our Christmas Play 2
Our Christmas Play 3
Our Christmas Play 4
Our Christmas Play 5
Our Christmas Play 6
Our Christmas Play 7
Our Christmas Play 8

Foundation Outdoor Learning Week - Autumn term

Autumn 2 curriculum newsletter

Learning in Reception

Learning in Reception 1 Literacy - sharing books in the reading corner
Learning in Reception 2 Expressive Arts and Design - making a monster
Learning in Reception 3 We show pride in our work
Learning in Reception 4 Physical Development - Using tools and playdough
Learning in Reception 5 Literacy - writing and making stencil pictures
Learning in Reception 6 Construction area - building for a purpose
Learning in Reception 7 Role play area- only 4 people allowed
Learning in Reception 8 Role play cafe - serving up a healthy meal
Learning in Reception 9 Role play area- writing orders and using money
Learning in Reception 10 Understanding the World- our exploration area
Learning in Reception 11 Building with the large construction outside
Learning in Reception 12 In the lunch hall making healthy choices
Learning in Reception 13 Reception showing great behaviour in the hall