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Reception- Mrs Sykes

Settling into our new class!


The children have settled in well to their new class and daily routines. We have enjoyed playing with our friends both indoors and outdoors in the reception area. Have at look at our pictures to see some of the things we have been doing at school. 


Sharing our all about me bags!


We brought in bags with objects from home that we could share with our new friends to learn more about each other. We enjoyed telling the class about what we had brought in. Take a look at the pictures below to see some of the things we brought in that are special to us. 

Our trip to Newbold Library


We really enjoyed our visit to Newbold Library. When we arrived we sat and listened to a lovely story. We then had time to explore the library and choose a book to share with one of the adults. Once we had chosen our own story we were shown how to use the library machine to check out our book. 

Forest Friday!


We had a talk with our friends this week about how important it is to look after our school grounds. We decided to go and help by clearing up some of the leaves which had fallen to the ground. We worked together with our friends to collect as many leaves as we could. 

Balance Bikes


We have had lots of fun riding on our balance bikes. We listened carefully to our instructors on the day. They  taught us how to control our bike and come to a stop safely. Here are some pictures of us on our bikes. 

Chinese New Year


We have really enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. We have listened to the story of the animal race and we acted the story out using puppets. Can you remember the position the animals came in the race? We have practised using chopsticks, writing Chinese letters and making Chinese money cards. We have enjoyed playing in the Chinese restaurant and we even got to try some real Chinese food!