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Road Safety

Year 6 – Road Safety and Transition to Secondary School


The Road Safety Team believe that it is even more important at present that year 6 pupils end the school year by thinking about being safe on their journeys, given that many children won’t have been doing normal school journeys or other normal journeys for some months.


Think Road Safety Website

Take a look at the Think Road Safety website, there are lesson plans and films available to watch on here which are aimed at the older KS2 pupils and a range of different activities.


We suggest showing the year 6 children the ‘Are you road ready?’ film. This is available to watch separately, or is embedded within the ‘Do you stop look and listen?’ slides.


The slides ask the children to think about the children in the film; consider their actions and the safety advice given to them in the different scenarios. We usually ask the children to watch out for hazards in the film and think about how these could be minimized.


The ‘Take the lead’ slides are also useful.  The slides ask the children to think about crossing safely and how to cross where it is difficult to see (including behind parked vehicles). Again, embedded within these slides is a film about first journeys, which is a good short video designed to get the children thinking about their own journeys without grownups.


We suggest getting the children to discuss and identify a list of both safe and less safe behaviours for different road users. These could include pedestrians, cyclists, car and bus passengers. They could include in their lists, the sorts of distractions that these road users may face.


Ask the children to think about the journeys they will be making to their new schools and if they haven’t already done so, to start to plan how they will get there safely. For some children, this might be the first time they are walking alone or catching a bus, so it’s important to plan as some routes may be safer than others.


There is an interactive game on the Think site that is about route planning and safe routes which is good to try.


The children should look at this resource, which helps them to plan their own route and consider any dangers and hazards.


We hope these suggestions are helpful.


Take care and stay safe.