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*SCARF PSHE (Do when works for you)

Week 1 - Mother's Day


Lesson 1 - Gratitude and being grateful for what we have


What are we learning to do?


Key facts

  • gratitude: feeling thankful or showing thanks for kindness or something pleasing.



Watch the clip that explains what gratitude is and how it can help us. 

What is gratitude?

Read - My Gratitude Jar - Written and Narrated by Kristin Wiens

Activity 1 - Learn how designers generating ideas for a card

Activity 2 -Think about one grown up you want to show gratitude or thanks to


  • Decide on a grown up you would like to show gratitude to. 
  • You might choose to make it for your Mum as it is Mother's Day this Sunday (14th March). 
  • Think about what your grown up likes. 
  • Think about what you are grateful for. 
  • Use your thoughts to decide what to put on your card. 


Activity 3 - Look closely at some existing Pop-up cards

Watch the clip below. 


There is no need to create a research page. Just pause to look at the cards in the videos below and talk together about who they are for, what it would be used for, what they are made from and anything else you notice about how it has been made etc. 

Box Mechanism - Pop Up Flower Card

V-fold Mechanism - Pop-up bouquet card

An Alternative Mechanism

Activity 4 - Make your card 

Remember your card might be made in a similar way but try to decorate it with your images. It doesn't have to be the same as those in the video. You can swap the flowers for hearts or bees or butterflies or birds or footballs, or shoes. 

Week 2 - Keep calm and carry on


This week we were learning about several Giant's who didn't keep their cool. 

If we don't find ways to get our anger and frustration out in a safe and appropriate way, we can get hurt and we can end up hurting others and we can land ourselves in trouble. Often we end up feeling worse than we did before. Today we are going to find ways to tackle these feelings and deal with them in positive and safe ways. 


Watch the lesson for today


Watch the lesson for today