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*SCARF PSHE (Do when works for you)

Week 1 - Stop, Think, Stay Safe


Lesson 1 - Thanking Local heroes 


What are we learning to do?

  • talk about local heroes and what they do for our communities.
  • to understand ways we can make a difference in our communities.


The lesson clip

Watch the clip below.


Activity 1 - Learn about what happens during a post person's day. 

  • Their job may look easy but we don't really see everything that happens. 
  • There are pros and cons of being a post person in different locations too. 
  • Explore the following worksheets.


Activity 2 (Choose one of the following to complete)

  • Write a thank you letter to your postie
  • Imagine yourself as a postie and complete the interview worksheet. 



Just for fun- Colour in one of the posters

Display it in your window where your post person can see it the next time they deliver post to your house. 

Week 2 - Stop, Think, Stay Safe. 


Lesson 1 - What is the difference between a secret and a surprise?


What are we learning to do?

  • To know what I can share and what I should keep private to keep myself and others safe.
  • To understand the importance of not keeping adults’ secrets (only happy surprises that others will find out about eventually)
  • To know some basic techniques for resisting pressure to do something you don’t want to do and which may make you unsafe. 


How this links with our English work

At the end of our book we see the characters putting on a surprise party for the Jolly Postman.

Can you think of a time when you have had to keep a secret?

Can you think of a time when you have experienced a surprise?

Do you think there is a difference between a secret and a surprise?


The lesson clip

Watch the clip below to learn about secrets and surprises. 



Activity 1- Make a surprise celebration card


Easy Cake Card