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Lesson 1 - What can we learn from fairy tale characters about being the same and different?


Look at the picture below. Do you recognise the characters? (They are from Cinderella)

Say - As you might know Cinderella was different to her sisters in many ways but they also had things in common like all human beings. 


Talking Points

Discuss  the things that make you the same as your friends and other people in your family and the things that make you different. 


Activity 1 - Make paper chain friends

Make the paper chain friends, following the instructions on the activity sheet below.

You'll need some paper for this - you can use scrap paper. 


Then, either writing or just talking, try this:

  1. Think of 3 things that make the paper friends look similar to each other
  2. Think of 3 things that make them look different to each other
  3. Think of 3 things that they have in common with each other but which are not to do with the way they look - e.g. all of them are interested in dinosaurs.
  4. Think of 3 things that make them different from each other, but which are not to do with the way they look.

Did you manage to think of three things for each of the four points? 

Activity 2 - We're all different, we're all special


Say - In Snow White the seven dwarfs were similar in many ways but they all had very different personalities. They were all unique. Snow White loved them all just as they were and every day in their house was more interesting and more exciting because of their differences. You are also unique, there is nobody who is exactly the same as you. The best thing you can do is be yourself because it is good to be you!

Talking Points

We all have things that make us the same and things that make us different - even from people in our family. This can help to make life more interesting. 


Complete the activity below with someone at home - you could include friends on your list, too!

If you have not collected your pack from school, just copy the table onto some scrap paper. 

How can we respect other people's differences online?


Watch the video below to find out how we can respect other people's differences online. 







Week 2

Lesson 2 - What can we learn from Cinderella about being kind?


Watch one of the stories below (versions of Cinderella). 


Disney Cinderella Story

Cinderboy (An alternative football themed version)

Talking points

Discuss how she was treated by the other characters. Here are some questions to help with this. 


Ask Do you think the evil stepmothers were bullying Cinderella? How do you know?

Explain that yes they were. They weren't being fair, they weren't being kind, they were treating her in a way they wouldn't like to be treated themselves.  

Explain that they were not behaving well. They were being very unkind , they were making bad choices and were making Cinderella feel bad (sad/embarrassed/worthless)


Ask - Do you think they were doing it on purpose? How do you know? 

Explain that yes they were– they did it on purpose.

Ask - Did they keep doing it?

Explain that yes they did. They kept doing it again and again. 


Ask - Why do you think Cinderella continued to be kind and respectful to her sisters? 

Explain that perhaps she didn’t want them to feel the same way they made her feel.

Say - When people are unkind we have to try hard to make the right choice even when other people aren’t making good choices. You never know, they might just change their ways!


Ask - What do you think you should do if you think you are being bullied?

Point out that Cinderella told someone about what happened. She told fairy Godmother what was going on and asked for her help.


Ask - Is it easy or hard to ask for help?

Point out that Fairy Godmother thought she was brave and courageous for asking for help. Who are your trusted grown-ups? Who could you tell if you were being bullied?


Talking Points

Just like Cinderella, we should always be kind to others whether we are online or speaking to them in person. 


Activity 1 - Kindness Rainbow


Complete the kindness rainbow poster together. 

If you don't have a printer, copy it onto some paper – you could make your own rainbow design!


  • Think about things that you've both done that are kind - these can be very small acts of kindness, such as helping with jobs in the home, saying something nice to someone in the family etc. 
  • Think about how it feels when you give someone a present. Giving a present can feel almost as good as actually being given a present! 
  • Remember, Acts of kindness don't all have to be about giving people something such as a present.
  • Being kind and doing kind things is something that helps everyone to feel good – including the person doing the kind thing! 
  • Can you make a list of five small acts of kindness, such as holding a door open for someone? (maybe count them out on your fingers).

Activity 2 - What is cyberbullying?

Explain that people can also be kind or unkind when we are online. This is called cyberbullying.

Read 'Digiduck's Big Decision' below to find out more about what cyberbullying looks like. 

Talking Points

Look together at the good and bad choices covered in the story. 

Ask How did these choices make the other characters feel? 

Explain that cyberbullying is just the same as bullying but it can be easier for some people to do it because they think they can’t be seen when they are behind a screen. They might use nasty words, they might ask you to do things you don’t want to do, they might ask you to do things you know are wrong or that make you feel uncomfortable. They might try to get you to keep a secret or threaten to do something mean if you don't.



It is not your fault and your grown up will understand and will help you. 

Activity 3 - Make a wand


  • Write on the first star 'Ask a grown up' or 'Tell a grown up' to remind you what to do if someone is unkind to you face to face or online. 
  • On the other star write 'Be kind' 
  • Cut out your stars.
  • Make a handle for your wand - you could cut a strip of card from a cereal box, use a plastic spoon, find a stick outside or use a paper straw. Just use whatever you can find. 
  • Stick them back to back with the end of the handle sandwiched in between.