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Forces and Magnets 

Investigation: are bigger magnets stronger than smaller magnets?

Showing our results in various ways

Using force meters to measure the amount of pull force it takes to move the shoe. This depends on the amount of friction the sole has.

Investigating whether or not all metals are magnetic

Exploring magnetic force

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Opposites attract

Exploring friction

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Comparing how things move on different surfaces = friction

Force is something applied to an object to make it move. A force is a push or a pull

What can we push? What can we pull?

Plants with Miss Rowland
Today in science we have been looking at how seeds are dispersed.

We created our own exploding seed pods using a balloon and bird seed.

Plants with Miss Rowland

our key question - what are the 5 different layers in soil?

Today in Science we looked at the 5 different layers of soil and what these were called. We then had a go at making our own edible soil. 

Animals including humans with Miss Rowland

our key question = why and how would the Romans need protecting? 

Rocks and Soils

our key question = what type of rocks would be most suitable for Stone age weapons and tools? 

Permeable or non permeable... weapons need to last all weathers!

Useful for Stone Age weapons or not useful? Why?