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Science ~ Spring Term


Week 3

We have been learning about the different stages of a plants lifecycle today.

Watch a seed growing into an adult plant. 


Week 2

Today our teachers bought in pictures of themselves at different points as they have grown up. We tried to guess who was who. 


We also had a special visitor (Mrs Smith) with her baby. We have been learning that animals and humans may have off spring which grow up into adults.


We  discussed clever things we could do and what we thought Mrs Smith's baby could do and compared them. We asked lots of questions and listened carefully as she answered them. 


Week 1 


Today we went on a hunt for living things that are alive, were once alive and are not alive. 


Find out more and watch the video by clicking here.



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Other activities

Can you sort things into the categories for yourself and create a Venn diagram using your maths skills?