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My Friends and Family

(Screen based activities)

  • use face time etc to keep in touch with family as much as you can. Sometimes children feel a little "awkward" around this. That's fine! they are still making connections.
  • use face time etc to connect with friends. These conversations can be even more awkward! It's sometimes best to set up the children with an activity, so that they can talk as they play and "do". My teenage daughter very happily does her hair and make up, and gets snacks whilst face timing a friend!
  • watch films based on friendship. The Toy Story series has great messages around friendship. Talk about the films afterwards.
  • make videos for your friends-even if you can't send them. Videoing your child playing, reading, doing a show or dance or singing for a friend or family member gives an extra sense of motivation

CBeebies: Something Special - Friends Song

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You've Got A Friend In Me - Randy Newman (Toy Story Edition)

A song about friends