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Storyframe: Pause, Imagine, Create

Over the last few years we’ve being bringing the joy of storytelling and theatre-making to school children across the local region through Storyframe. This term is no different.

Together we’re going to press pause on the classic tale of the Three Little Pigs, to imagine a world of possibilities before you create your own show. There’s four fun activities filled with storytelling and drama exercises, by using our special Storyframe remote control you can pause the action, imagine the possibilities and then create.

What to do:

1. Read the Storyframe Pause, Imagine, Create Family Pack, making sure to watch the video introduction.

2. Work through each activity sheet in order. Each activity uses an extract from the script, poses questions for you to think about before giving you an exercise.

3. Importantly. Be creative and have fun!

The activities are suitable for ages 5 -11 years, covering storytelling, writing, drama and the Arts.