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Social and Emotional Learning resources

It is Mental Health Awareness Week throughout the week beginning 18th May. If we were in school we would be doing some more work around feelings and how to be kind to ourselves. Here are some really lovely resources your child might like to use at home. These are suitable for children of all ages to use. 

Firstly - you're all heroes!

Firstly - you're all heroes! 1

Let's have a week of being kind to yourself.  This is our 5 day challenge. Each day you do a new challenge, either do this on your own paper/in your exercise book or print the documents below to write and draw on.

You could also think about your lockdown experience using this lovely sheet.

Focus on the positives (what we can be thankful for) and look forward to what you might do once lockdown is over! The document is below so you can print and write onto the sheet. If you prefer you could create your own on paper or in your exercise book!

In addition to things we have learned in class and our class Brain Break, the following document has some lovely ideas for how to relax. Not everyone relaxes the same way so there are some sheets you can print off which you can use for writing down or drawing things YOU can try that will help.