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Spelling and Grammar

SPAG ~ Spring Term

Week 3- Suffixes -ly, -ful, -ment

This week we learnt about suffixes. 

Suffixes are word endings that are added to form new words. 

-ly means how something was done. Happily means you did something in a happy way. 

-ful means full of.  Joyful means you are full of joy.

-ment means action or process. The process of enjoying yourself = enjoyment


Can you complete Baby Bear's jigsaw challenge. Remember there might be more than one possible correct answer.



Week 2 - Word Classes

This week we have been learning about word classes like adjectives (describing words), verbs (doing words/action words) and nouns (naming words). 


In our class swamp were a selection of words linking to our fairytale topic and we had to fish them out and sort them into their classes in our teams. Later we were spies and went hunting for word classes that were hiding in sentences.  


We learnt lots of new words and their meanings that we are keen to use in our writing over the next few weeks!


Week 1 - Apostrophes for possession

This week we have been learning about apostrophes for possession. 

We created maps of Far Far Away and used our new knowledge to label all of the houses. 


[Awaiting photos]