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Week beginning 31st January

Lesson 1:

  • Words that contain an ‘oh’ sound can be spelled using ‘ou’ or ‘ow’.  Remind children that there are other words spelled using ‘ou’ and ‘ow’ but they are not pronounced the same way.
  • Display slide 2 from the PowerPoint and read through the 10 words with the children.
  • TASK 1: Ask the children to record the words in 2 columns in their English books (see slide 3). They should add some of their own words too.
  • TASK 2: Compete the Task described on slide 7 (worksheet saved in folder)


Lesson 2:

  • Use each of the 10 words from lesson 1 in a sentence. Write these into English books.
  • TASK: Twinkl Crack the Code

Week beginning 24th January


Lesson 1:

  • Follow the Twinkl PowerPoint, completing all of the activities on whiteboards.


Lesson 2:

  • Use the intro task to practise identifying whether the word is used as a noun or verb
  • Have a go at the SATs questions. Mark together.

Week beginning 17th January


Please work through the PowerPoint below, completing the tasks on each slide.