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Spring 1

We began the term by recapping what we already knew about partitioning 2 digit numbers. We looked at which digit represented the tens number and which digit represented the ones number we then made the numbers using Dienes. We enjoy using this website to practise recognising 2 digit numbers when they're made from Dienes:

We then practised partitioning 2 digit numbers in different ways. We used our equipment to do this, working systematically to find all the different ways! 







We have been learning about the Great Fire of London in our topic lessons. We came to maths one day to find a problem that needed solving. We need to solve the mystery of the Pudding Lane hero! We have a list of suspects and some information about each of them, we need to use our addition and subtraction skills to work out who saved the cat! We are very excited about this!
We used 100 squares to practise addition and subtraction to prepare us. Then we worked out the answers to all the calculations on our clue sheet. Then we could use the code to find our first clue. We found out that whoever the mystery Pudding Lane hero is was not a baker!