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Spring 1

Understanding and recall of number bonds to 10 is vital to future maths success so we have been checking our knowledge and skills in this area. We use what we knew to help Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf kept stealing buns from her basket and she had to deliver 10 buns to Grandma. We helped her know how many more she needed when he stole some from her. We were fantastic at this!
We have then used what we know about number bonds to 10 to help us understand and work out number bonds to 20. We realised that because twenty is two complete tens we could easily use our bonds to ten to help us. We are just making up the number to the next complete ten!
Shred had problem he needed us to help him solve. He knew we had learnt to count in steps of 2, 5 and 10. We helped him to work out how many flies he needed to feed some frog princes if they ate 5 flies each at his party.