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Starting School

Some of our Nursery friends are leaving us this year, and are off to Big School. How exciting!

Keep checking this page for information and useful links about starting in Reception.

Your child will be invited to a 1 hour 'Stay & Play' session on Friday 3rd September 2021. All new Reception children will then start school full-time on Monday 6th September 2021


You will find out more information on your visit to Reception on Wednesday 7th July (Mrs Sykes & Mrs Hayward's class) or Thursday 8th July (Mrs Coles class).

Practise at home...


Some useful things to practise over the next few weeks!

  • putting on coats
  • putting on shoes
  • using a knife and fork
  • wiping themselves after the toilet and fastening trouser buttons
  • asking a grown up for help
  • listening to a story or a simple instruction
  • practising using scissors
  • some gentle name writing practise 
  • lots of opportunities for counting


There is an article below from Oxford Owl with more good ideas



Follow the link below to another page on the website called "Moving into Reception", which includes photographs of the lovely Reception teachers and lots of useful information.

Alphabet Letter Sounds | Learn ABC Phonics

Our friend Shonette helps us to learn the sounds which letters make.

A video showing correct letter formation

Use this to gently encourage your child to form letters in their name the correct way. Remember their name needs a capital!