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Staying Alive!

Last term we had begun looking at how Londoners in 1666 would have found it hard to meet their needs during the time of the fire - and just after. Carrying on from this we have now started thinking about the basic needs of all living things including humans. We know that all living things need food, water, oxygen, shelter and climate. We thought about the differences in how our needs were met today compared with in the 17th century. We looked at how different animals needed different climates.


A farmer asked Dr Bywaters if we could help one of his hens. She had laid too many eggs and they wouldn’t all fit in her nest. She was worried about what would happen if they weren’t kept warm. Mrs Jones and Miss Holden said that Year 2 have been learning all about basic needs so we would be able to help! On Tuesday the eggs were delivered in a special warmer called an incubator.

On Tuesday evening one of the eggs was ‘pipped’ - this means the first hole is made by the chick. It’s the first sign that hatching will begin. 
When we arrived at school on Wednesday morning, one chick had hatched. We called her Sandra. We waited until she had dried before moving her to the brooder (a cage with a heater, water and chick crumb).

Life cycle of a chicken