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Everybody Worries: A story and drawalong with Jon Burgerman

Lots of people are feeling worried at the moment, so Jon Burgerman has written a lovely new picture book to reassure little ones.He's going to read it to us ... at the end the artist and author shows us how to draw some of the characters from the book!

⭐️ Arthur and the Golden Rope - Animated Story Sound Effects ⭐️

A mythical story about a bot called Arthur who makes a journey to the great hall and help Thor catch the wicked Fenrir. There, he is set the almost impossible task of sourcing magical elements to make a Golden Rope. In an exciting battle, it seems as if all is lost, until Arthur proves that even a small boy can be the most unlikely of heroes.

The Knight Who Wouldn't Fight (The Storybook Knight)

Helen Docherty reads her children's picture book The Knight Who Wouldn't Fight (The Storybook Knight) illustrated by Thomas Docherty.
Leo the mouse isn't like the other knights. While they like fighting, he'd rather read a book. Leo's parents are keen to turn him into a proper knight, so they pack him off on a mission to tame a dragon.