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Summer 1

We have been learning about halving and quartering. We know that half means to split into 2 equal parts or groups and that equal means exactly the same. We know that quarter means to split into 4 equal parts or groups. We have been learning to half and quarter shapes and quantities. 
We then consolidated our understanding of place value using Dienes. We can identify the tens and ones within any 2 digit number!
We have linked our prior learning to division. We talked about how on a voyage we would need it ration the food so we didn’t run out. We would also need to make sure that everyone had enough. We talked about ensuring each person had an equal amount. We began by dividing by 2. We used raisins as our rations and began just dividing food between us and our bunk mate. 
Will had a guest today in class. We had to divide the sweet rations between 2 so it was equal.
When on a voyage we might also have to share our rations with our cabin mates. We decided we could probably fit 5 people in each cabin and then tried to divide our rations between 5! We found it tricky but with careful counting we could do it! 
On Active Learning Day (as part of Healthy Living Week) we consolidated our prior learning about measure. We measured whether something was longer or shorter than a metre. We made snakes/worms from play dough and measured them in cm. We estimated and measured mass - deciding if we thought it was greater or smaller than 1kg. We measured the capacity of a variety of containers using cubes. We thought about how long a minute was. We tried to see if we could estimate how long it was. We jumped, jogged on the spot and held out our arms. We counted how many times we could jump in one minute. The largest number of jumps any group did was 88. We are now much better at estimating and measuring using a variety of measures and equipment!