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The Great Fire Of London

To start off our London topic, we went on a mini marathon around our playground (just like in London) and we found out facts about different landmarks in London. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We then made sure we knew where London was on the map of the UK and why it is so important. I.e. it is England's capital city. We also looked at the rest of the UK's capital cities. 

After learning all about where London was, looked back at our landmarks and thought about the "monument" and why that was special. We found it was put there in memory of the great fire of London. We learnt that this is going to be our topic. After have a discussion as a class. We wrote down some questions of things we want to learn about this topic. 

Diary writing

Who helped put the fire out?

Chalk art

What changed after the fire?