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This term our topic is 'How do we know about the Great Fire of London?'  



We have decided that we would really like to know...


  • How big was the fire?
  • When did it happen?
  • How many days did the fire last?
  • How many people were killed in the fire?
  • Was the story similar to Guy Fawkes?
  • How many survived the fire?
  • Who or what started the fire?
  • How long did it take to put out the fire?
  • Were there fire fighters back then?
  • When did it end?
  • Did they have axes for chopping down doors and saving people?
  • How did the truck get to the fire?
  • Did they have firetrucks? Were they grey?
  • Did they have a fire station?
  • Why did the fire happen? Was it an accident or was it started on purpose?
  • Did they have horses to pull the fire equipment?
  • Did they have firemen?
  • Did they have water hoses and ladders?
  • Did they wear different clothes back then?
  • Did they wear masks to get people out?
  • What kind of equipment did they use?
  • Did it happen at night?
  • How did they get in to save people?
  • Did they have to keep going back to the water supply to get more?
  • Did the fire come from the kitchen?
  • How big were the buildings?
  • Could people escape any other way if they were trapped?
  • Did they knock the buildings down and rebuild them. Were they the same or did they change?
  • Were the buildings made of wood?
  • Were the gardens damaged too?
  • What buildings did they have to rebuild?
  • Did it affect Buckingham Palace or where a king lived?
  • Where did it spread to?
  • Were the shops different to ours?
  • How many buildings were destroyed?
  • Did all of London get destroyed?


As soon as you have found an answer in class or at home, bring it in to share with the class and your teacher will help you to put it on this page of the website. 

Science Day Photos


Science Day

Today we had a Science day in KS1 . We did lots of investigating, asked lots of questions and found a lot of answers too! Here is what we learnt.


Anya learnt that you can't blow bubbles in space.

Sam learnt that if you don't have any air around you you can't blow bubbles. 

Sophia learnt that if you blow a bubble in a rocket it will be thicker than on earth.

Alysha learnt about alien slime goo. When I did it hard it was like a solid. 

Christian learnt if you blow a bubble it always pops if it hits something dry.

Stan leanrt gravity and air make a tornado in the water bottle.

Elliott learnt how to make slime.  When I held it in my hand it was a ball then I opened my hands and it melted through my fingers like a liquid.

Joshua learnt about when your hand goes fast into the goo it won't sink.

Theo learnt that when you put a straw in the liquid and blow on a wet table you can make half a bubble.

Megan learnt that if you make a big bubble on the wet table you can make a double one.  You need a straw and some bubble mix. Next you put the straw in the mix and blow very gently until it makes a big bubble. Next you must get more bubble mix on the straw and gently push it through the bubble gently and blow again.

George learnt that there's no gravity in space.

Christian learnt that if you have things to hold out to the side you can balance.

Keller learnt that if you get a square bubble blower it will still create a sphere bubble.

Riley learnt that you had to spin the bottle to make a tornado.

Aimee learnt about magic mirrors.

Eliot learnt that NASA use structure to get rockets to space.

Liam learnt your eyes look black but they are clear and that lets you see all this stuff. Also we see stuff upside down  but our brain puts it the right way up.

Carolina learnt that big cardboard helicopters are slower.

Reece learnt that you could hear the sea in the long plastic tubes.


Man skydives from space

Still image for this video

How to make a parachute

Still image for this video

How to make, cut and have fun with bubbles!

Still image for this video

How to make alien slime - The Sciencey bit!

Still image for this video

Make your own Alien Slime

Still image for this video
Ignore the cornstarch part - you only need cornflour and a little bit of water!

The Story of Guy Fawkes

This is "The Story of Guy Fawkes"


How can I make my star shine brightly?


This term we are going to be learning all about stars in Art, electricity in Science and also space exploration. 

If you have a question bring it in and I will add it to our class page.


What are stars made of?

                          How many stars are there?             

                                                                         What are constellations? 

Why are some stars brighter than others?