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Thursday 14th January

Daily active challenge: - Do some high knees until you need to stop: (lifting one knee as high as you can then the other one)

Bronze: 30 secs

Silver: 1 min

Gold: 2+ mins


9.00 English - We are thinking about Caterpillar Shoes again. If you need to watch it again you can. 

Caterpillar Shoes - THE LITERACY SHED

At the end of the story the caterpillar turns into a butterfly. We would like you to think about what happens next. What does the butterfly do? Who does he meet? What adventures does he have? Think of a problem he might come across - how does he solve it?

In your pack is a second copy of the comic strip sheet - page 7 (if you don't have this divide your paper into 6 sections).

Tell the story in pictures of what happens next. We will be writing it up as a story tomorrow so you don't need to include lots of writing today - good detailed pictures with one or two speech or though bubbles are what you need. 


10.30 - Maths

The number of the day is 282

Watch the video: Recap- add two 2 digit numbers crossing 10. Add ones and add tens. 

Complete the questions on the worksheet. 


1.00 - Topic - Minibeasts - make a list of all the minibeasts you can think of. Get wrapped up and go on a mini beast hunt in the garden or on a walk. How many of the ones on your list can you find? Can you add any other minibeasts? If you can't do this right now don't worry - you can do this when it suits your family. Draw or take pictures of the minibeasts you find. You might have to carefully lift things up or look inside to see them. Remember to put things back carefully, after all it is the minibeasts' home (habitat). 

Plan B - If you are not able to do this or the weather is bad (although some minibeasts like wet conditions) pick at least three minibeasts and find out about them - where they live, what they look like (pictures please) what they eat and anything else you can find out.

Can you put what you find into a minibeast fact file? You might want to start a book about minibeasts - one on each page. You could split your page up and write/draw about a different minibeast in each part. Become an expert on minibeasts!

Plan C - go out and enjoy the snow!!! Build a snowman - how tall is he/she? who can build the tallest? Have a snowball fight. Make 10 snowballs - how many hit your target? Make a mini igloo. Then come in an have a nice warm drink and watch The Snowman

The Snowman, Full Version HD - YouTube



TTRockstars - 15 minutes - how many coins can you earn?

Aut3.6.3 - Add two 2-digit numbers - crossing 10 - add 1s and 10s

This is "Aut3.6.3 - Add two 2-digit numbers - crossing 10 - add 1s and 10s" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people...