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Thursday 19th November



LO:  Read and Interpret Line Graphs

Watch the video here

Work through the worksheet alongside the video.


Finished with time to spare - have a go at the challenge at the bottom of the page.  There are some questions about line graphs with more than one line.


15 minutes of TT Rockstars. We are in a rock tournament in competition with Miss Riley’s class. There were only 6 points in it when I looked earlier!



Lesson 4 – to answer questions on the text part 2

In this lesson, we will read the beginning of chapter 13 (Impro!), retrieving and inferring information from the text in order to answer questions. This includes understanding and explaining the order of events, as well as characters' feelings.


Finished with some time to spare? Have a go at writing the next bit of the story. Does Alfie get away? How does the story continue? Write a short extract to tell me - you could end it where Alfie gets away or when he is finally caught. Try and include some tension too.



Choose an activity from your pack - a reading comprehension or a SPAG mat


15 minutes on Spelling Shed – I have set up an assignment for this week.

Read a book of your own choice.



The History of Science


Finished with time to spare? In your opinion what is the greatest scientific discovery of all time - try and explain why in your home learning book.


Stay Active - You could choose a short workout to follow from Joe Wicks or do an activity of your own choosing.