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Thursday 25th February

English 9:00am 

  • What do you think is meant by forest friendly farming?
  • What do you think farming looks like that is not forest friendly?
  • Why do you think this type of farming might be important?

There are three elements to forest friendly farming that you will learn about in the film (link below): working together, farming sustainably and protecting the rainforest.

Write these as headings on your table.

Whilst you watch the film, take notes about each of these headings in your table. 


Now think about the first 3 questions again. 

Have your answers changed? 


Add any new information to your knowledge organiser. 


Maths 10:30am 

Number of the day - 3digit number 

Multiply by 4 

Remember multiply means times, it also means groups of.


Topic 1pm 

Choices and consequences 

Every one of your choices has a consequence. A consequence is something that happens because of a choice. Whatever you decide to do, has a reaction, something else happens because of the choice you made. 

Which means you have an awful lot of power! The power to make choices that have good reactions. How often do you think about your choices? Or do you just make them without thinking about their consequences?

For example; If you had 2 bananas, one with a fair trade sticker on, one without. Which one would you pick? Why? 

If you saw some body on their own on the playground would you play with them? or not? 


Watch the video below

Match up the choices and consequences cards - match a choice to a consequence. 

Can you identify the choices from the cards that were about buying? 

Which ones were choices made after buying the product?

When you think about what you eat,drink,wear and buy, you have choices to make. 


Now you need to think about some positive choices. 

Use the empty lunchbox to draw your own positive choice lunch. 

Pick foods that have good consequences. Fill your lunch box with drawings that you consider to be good choices because they have good consequences. 

Consider fair trade and what consequences your food choices have on that. 

What good choices could you make for your snack? sandwich? dessert? 


Add any new information to your knowledge organiser.




Aut3.11.4 - Multiply by 4