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Thursday 28th January

At some point today, don't forget to check how your seeds are getting on. 

Record with words to describe what they look like and draw pictures on your diary sheet. 


English 9:00am 

  • Watch the BBC video on parts of a plant
  • Make notes on the sheet as you watch about each part of the plant. 
  • Remember when we learnt about The Lighthouses? We looked at a poem that had a pattern of noun - verb noun verb. (waves crashing etc.) 
  • Use your notes that you made when you watched the video to come up with your own poem about the parts of a plant. For example, water drinker, sun catcher, etc. 
  • Try to include something from each different part of the plant. 

**For an extra challenge, pick one part of the plant and do not tell anyone which part you have picked. 

Think of a poem (noun - verb, noun - verb) to describe that part of the plant. If you end it with... 'What am I?' you can turn it into a guessing game for someone. **



Maths 10:30am 

  • Number of the day - pick your own 3 digit number 
  • Estimate answers 



Topic 1:00pm 

You are going to need to ask your grown ups VERY nicely.. to see if they have anything in the fridge with seeds in that they don't mind cutting open for you. 

Because this afternoon you are going to MINDFULLY draw the inside of a fruit, including it's seeds. 

Mindfully drawing = looking for all the little details you might miss the first time you look. 

Sketch it, using techniques you have learnt in school. 

Here's some examples... 



Cress experiment - Thursday