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Thursday 4th February

English 9:00am 

  • Use the template to create a timetable of your day. A day you would normally have in the week at the moment
  • Write the time, what you do at that time, and how you feeling when you're doing it 
  • Try to write full sentences in each box, really thinking about different /creative ways to express how you feel each time. Words like happy and sad and angry are words we normally use. If we are being creative, we think about different ways to say these things 


Maths 10:30am 

  • Number of the day - pick your own 3 digit number 
  • 2 times table 
  • *you could do some extra 2x table practice on TTrockstars or hit the button*



Topic 1:00pm 

  • Think back to English this morning and your normal day. 
  • Think about what you could change in your normal day to make a more physically and emotionally healthy day (you may think your day is already ok, but there are always more things we can do to make it even better) 
  • If you found that a few things made you feel some negative feelings.... what could you add into your day to help with that? 
  • Think about different ways to express your feelings. If you did write down some negative feelings this morning, it might not be possible to just not do the thing that made you feel that way. It might be that you have to add something else in to make the bad thing better. 
  • Once you have thought about this, re write your new day out using the template 


  • You could add in a brain break to make your day more emotionally healthy 
  • You could add in a run around break to make your day more physically healthy 
  • You could add in some quiet time to help with some negative feelings 


Create a 'well being wave' for your window. Just like the rainbows in the last lockdown they are meant to give hope and cheer people up. 

On a piece of plain paper draw around your hand and decorate it with colours and patterns that make you feel good. Are there any words or phrases you could add around it to promote well being/good feelings?

Aut3.9.4 - 2 times-table