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Thursday 4th March

World Book Day Rap Quiz - how many books can you hear/see?

Today is World Book Day! 

You are going to have different jobs today! 

Lesson 1  9:00am 

Consider - what careers are linked with books? What careers are linked with world book day? 

Make a list 


Watch the video below - start it at 1min 18 seconds 

Draw what you imagine when the author reads the part of the book


It is only a small section from a book... so it is up to you what happens next. 

On your comic strip, draw what you think happens next. 


Your clue is that the book is called 'Mutant Zombies cursed my School Trip.' 



Lesson 2 10:30 

No Maths today - instead you are going to be an author. 


What is a blurb? Write your ideas down. 

You are going to write a blurb for your version of Mutant Zombies cursed my school trip that you drew this morning 



Lesson 3 1pm

Watch the video from the link below of the author reading out his book 

You have already been an author today when you wrote your blurb, now you're going to be an illustrator. someone who draws the pictures for the stories. 


Create a front cover for Mutant Zombies cursed my school trip. 


Video for Lesson 1 - start from 1min 18 seconds

Take part in our World Book Day comedy writing challenge with author Matt Brown.Download the accompanying activity sheet here: MutantZombies-MattBrown_ACTIVI...

Video for Lesson 3

Ever wondered what an illustrator does? How do characters end up in books and what inspires a person to make them?Illustrator Chris Haughton makes lots of di...