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Our mission...

Our journey to the past has revealed that our school used to be someone’s house ! It belong to the Eyre family. 


 We then found lots of information about when it first became a school in 1930. We found the first ever head teacher’s diary and some writing from students who came to this school all those years ago. We really enjoyed reading about who different school was, especially what happened when the children were misbehaving!!  

From the past, to the future. We worked out how big the new building is going to be. We had to convert the measurements first!

We did it!

Our Stone Age exhibition

Scroll to the bottom to see our AMAZING homework!! 

Stone Age inspired jewellery designed and handmade by year 3! Available in shops near you soon...


We discovered what the Stone Age people ate by digging through their poo! We found nuts, seeds, berries and grass... it was grossly interesting!!!

We followed instructions carefully to make our woolly mammoths. They look brill

Back to the Stone Age!


Cave Art!!! We went under the tables whilst we did our cave art, to feel like we were in a cave. It was just like being in the Stone Age!!

We travelled back through time to the Stone Age! It was that long ago that we couldn’t even go all the way. We worked out that the time line would have stretched way past school, all the way down the road!

Our amazing cave projects!!