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We have been learning about the four countries in the UK and what our weather is like. A bear called Jofli wanted us to help him prepare for his walking holiday in the north of Scotland this weekend. First we looked at where Scotland was in relation to the equator; we predicted that the weather would be colder than in Chesterfield because it is further away from the equator. We will be doing more work on this next week. We then learnt the symbols used for weather forecasts so we could check the weather Jofli might have during his weekend away. When we checked the weather we found it was going to be cold and raining. 

We then discussed what clothing Jofli would need. We decided he would need lots of layers and things like warm jumpers, a coat, scarf, gloves and a rain hat. Jofli didn’t have a rain hat, just a sun hat. He asked us to tell him which material a Jofli would need to make his hat out of. He had card, paper, cotton and plastic. 

We talked about the properties of these materials and decided to conduct an experiment to find out which material would make the best rain hat.


We made sure the materials were all the same size and that we measured out the same amount of water to test each material. We then used each material to make a hat for a volunteer for our test!


Mickey the Mouse volunteered to try a paper hat.

We poured a whole bottle of water over the paper hat. Mickey’s head got wet!
Next we tried the card. The card was the same size as the paper. We used the same amount of water. 
The owl’s head was drier than Mickey’s. We think the card was better than the paper.
The next volunteer was the dog, he wanted to see how dry cotton could keep him. The cotton was the same size as the paper and card, and we used the same amount of water. Once again, we checked how dry/wet the head was using a paper towel so we could see clearly. 
The cotton was quite effective, the dog’s head was almost dry but tiny bit wet. 
Our final volunteer was the elephant who was testing plastic as a material for a hat. The plastic was the same size as the cotton, card and paper. We used the same amount of water.
The elephant’s head was completely dry. The water had run straight off the plastic hat. We said this meant the material was waterproof. This is the material we think Jofli should make his hat from if he wants to stay dry.
We have been looking at where we live!