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Our topic this term is Authors. We are focusing on Julia Donaldson and Roald Dahl, if you have any books by these authors, it might be helpful to focus your work on these books. For your topic lesson each day, choose a job from the list below:


1. Watch a draw along video - think about features of Quentin Blake's illustrations, and try to draw along to create your own character from a Roald Dahl book. 


2. Create your own Roald Dahl character - consider the type of characters you might find in his books. Is your character a goodie or baddie? Are they an adult, a child or an animal? Write a description of your character using adjectives.


3. Trying to use features of Quentin Blake's style, create an illustration of your own character creation.


4. We have been looking at plants this term and how they grow. Look outside in your garden or out of your window. What plants can you see?  Can you see seeds on trees? Can you see flowers? What will happen as the season turns from Summer to Autumn? Draw from observation what you can see. You could try drawing the whole scene outside your window or in your garden, or you might prefer to focus on one plant. Try to use the pencil in different ways to create texture - just like we did in school when we drew the road outside school.