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The Commonwealth Games

Our Commonwealth design and technology project

Creating our designs

Displaying results in various ways

Using force meters to measure the amount of pull force it takes to move the shoe. This depends on the amount of friction the sole has.

We researched existing shoe soles

The finished product...Commonwealth Games themed artwork in the style of artist, Keith Haring

Commonwealth Games themed artwork in the style of artist, Keith Haring

Researching and creating the Queen’s Baton

Researching Birmingham as the host of the Commonwealth Games using the ‘jigsaw’ effect

Creative topic time... designing our own Commonwealth Games mural exploring different techniques.

Learning to use the internet safely to research all about the Commonwealth Games

Using map skills to locate the countries of the Commonwealth

Exploring the Commonwealth’s values of destiny, equality and humanity.

We researched the Commonwealth by all becoming experts using ‘the jigsaw effect’

We then taught each other what we had learnt

Hall of Fame

Martin Luther King Jr. 

- civil rights activist


The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President

Wassily Kandinsky

- Pioneer abstract art

Kandinsky Inspired Concentric Circles with water colours and Miss Rowland  

Some of us even became adventurous with colour mixing!

Kandinsky and Shapes with Miss Rowland

Today in Topic we looked at different shapes, lines and angles that Kandinsky used in his Art. We then had a go at creating our Art inspired by Kandinsky. 

Topic with Miss Rowland

Today in our Topic lesson we learnt all about Kandinsky through active reading we then made posters with our new knowledge about Kandinsky.

John Williams

- Music Composer

Topic with Miss Rowland

In today’s lesson we drew a portrait picture of John Williams. We used our new skill of shading to add tone to the portrait. 

John Williams Guess That Theme

Jacques Piccard

- Oceanographer

Colour mixing the depths of the ocean

Stepping into the mindset of Jacques...attempting to sink a ‘vessel’

Ernest Shackleton

- Antarctica Explorer

The Epic Journey of Shackleton and His Antarctic Trek

Encountering pack ice

Plotting Shackleton’s Journey

Rotten Romans

Goodbye Romans! Research to find out the Romans lasting impact on Britain

Creative topic...making shields

The social hierarchy of Rome

Roman bath houses

Rich Roman Mosaics

Can you design a shield deadlier than a Roman Solider’s?

Sword making

Drawing England then invading each other’s land

Finding out where the Romans would have landed...

Bronze Age to Iron Age

Making Bronze / Iron Age roundhouses

In creative topic time making roundhouses

Still image for this video

Creative topic time...

Still image for this video

Researching the past...

Researching the Bronze Age using secondary sources

Step back in time to The Stone Age!


I wonder…

Making Stone Age Scenes

Foraging for useful Stone Age items

Local Democracy

- improving Chesterfield 

Business meeting with the council to discuss our ideas on how to improve Chesterfield

I am ME!

- a week on emotional intelligence 

Guess the emotion - Kenning Poem

I am me and I feel all these emotions and that’s ok!

Making breathing buddies

Colour mixing to show different intensities of emotions after reading “the colour monster” as a stimulus.