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Our Place in the World

Exploring George Stephenson’s life by looking at historical sources.

Today we visited Chesterfield Train Station to see George Stephenson's Statue. We then went to Holy Trining Church to see where he was buried.

Today we learned how to orientate a map and then followed maps to find our markers

Orienteering in the school grounds

Unlocking the secrets of our school by looking closely at primary historical sources

Our Place in the World Knowledge Organiser

Around the World

We have visited every continent this term!

Our Showcase Presentations

Our Showcase Work

Around the World Knowledge Organiser

Preparing group presentations during Showcase Week!

Creating atmospheric Aurora Borealis pictures using chalk

Websites to visit about Martin Luther King and Black History Month 

Jean-Michel Basquiat Inspired Artwork

Exploring silhouettes on a Kenyan safari