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Learning intentions... (Give me 5) 

  • I know that world is split in to the northern and southern hemisphere and that the equator goes around the centre of the earth. 
  • I know the location of the Arctic and Antarctic circles and the climate there.
  • I can explain the water cycle.   
  • I can describe the key features of a mountain.
  • I know that a D&T design has to have a purpose and an audience.

The water cycle… 



Precipitation and collection

Learning intentions (Give Me 5):

  • I know that the UK is split into 4 regions – England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and can talk about their position in relation to each other.
  • I know the difference between a physical feature and a human feature and can give examples.
  • I know key geographical regions and cities in the UK. 
  • I can use an atlas to locate significant places in the UK.
  • I know how to mix paint for tone, shade and tint.

Colour mixing Hokusai’s Wave

Hokusai’s wave

Colour mixing using primary and secondary colours and the colour wheel

Using a key to build elevation levels of the terrain of the UK.

Identifying human and physical features

I can use an atlas to locate significant places in the UK