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Our Topics 2017-2018

Autumn 1- Wild Things                                   

Autumn 2 - Out in Space                                       

Wild- Emily Hughes

The little gardener-Emily Hughes

Out and About-Shirley Hughes


Man on The Moon-Simon Bartram

Space Poems-Gaby Morgan

Bob and the Moontree Mystery-Simon Bartram

One Giant Leap-Don Brown

Spring 1 - Cracking Contraptions                    

Spring 2 - Sir Knighty Knight                                

Traction Man- Mini Grey

Machine Poetry- Nick Sharratt & Jill Bennet

Traction man and Turbo Dog Comics

The Knight Who Wouldn’t Fight

Sir Scallywag and the battle of Stinky Bottom

Summer 1 - Once upon a time…                       

Summer 2 - Colourful Kenya                             

Little Evie in the Wild Wood – Jackie Morris

Little Red Riding Hood

Dragonfly  out  in the Sun – David Windle

The Good Little Wolf – Nadia Shireen

Wolves – Emily Gravett

Lila and the Secret of Rain – David Conway

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain-Verna Aardeema