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Timeline of toys

We have been learning historical term such as “past” and “present”. We have been using these term to sort pictures of toys into toys from the past and toys from the present. After lookout closely at the materials of each toy we decided that toys from the past might be consist of a lot of wooden toys. We them carried out research on the internet based on what what we found and put some of the toys in a timeline. 

Comparing old and new toys

We looked more about the materials of the toys and compared the old and new toys using our newly learnt historical terms! 

Toy workshop - making our toys


We learnt that an algorithm is a set of instructions designed to perform a specific task. We also learnt that when making an algorithm or set of instructions, the instruction have to be clear and specific. So the children had to instruct their friend to draw a picture by given them precise instruction. 


We then made a thaumatrope, and thought about what our instructions/ algorithm would be if were were going to make this again. 

Toy homework this week


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