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Tuesday 12th January

9.00 a.m - English.

Point of view - what is a point of view? It's imagining you are a different person/character and seeing things from their perspective. Think about the characters in the clip - woodlouse, earthworm, beetle, flea. They all had different experiences and feelings in the story. If you asked them what happened they would all tell you a different version of what happened.

Watch the clip again. Pretend you are the beetle. Look at p8 of the pack. Can you answer the questions? Remember - you are the beetle. Then pretend you are the flea. Do you think the flea and the beetle will feel exactly the same when caterpillar gave them some of his shoes?

Look at p6 - whose shoes - can you remember who was in the clip and follow the instructions on the sheet?


10.30 - Maths

Add and subtract 100's. Use your place value chart and objects to help you. You might also find your part whole model useful. Remember - its doesn't always have to be the same way up - the whole will always have parts coming off it. 

To find the missing starting point we have to do the inverse. If the question is a subtraction turn it round and make it an addition ___ - 30 = 156 would be 156 + 30 = ___ and if it is an addition it changes to a subtraction. ___ + 30 = 156 it would be 156 - 30 = ___.

If you are adding hundreds, remember the tens and ones stay the same. 

Watch the video carefully and complete the questions on the worksheet. 


1.00 - PE

There will not be a teams meeting this afternoon as Mrs Webster, Miss Sullivan and Mrs Wood will be planning next weeks work. 

We would like you to get active. 

Choose two or more of these activities and spend at least 30 minutes being active. 

Don't forget our daily challenge too!

Minecraft | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - YouTube

PE With Joe | Monday 11th Jan 2021 - YouTube

Just Dance Kids 2014 The Freeze Game - YouTube

Just Dance Kids 2 Jump Up - YouTube

or if its fine get outside and go for a family walk or run/hop/jump around the garden 6 times. How else could you travel?

Get moving and have some fun!


TTRockstars and reading to your family would be a nice way to finish your day. 


Aut3.6.1 - Add and subtract 100s

This is "Aut3.6.1 - Add and subtract 100s" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.