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Tuesday 23rd February

English 9:00am

  • You have some sorting cards. Can you sort them into things you need in your life to survive and things you want but do not need to survive? 
  • Now think about what else in your life that you need to survive that wasn't on the cards and make a quick list. Think about what else you want in your life that you do not really need to survive and make a quick list. 
  • Fill in your wants and needs sheet 


  • Now look at Therese's story. 
  • Think about how her life is different to yours. 
  • What does she need? What does she want? Does she have different wants and needs to you? 
  • Use the same sorting cards now for Therese. Have you sorted them differently to when you sorted them for your life?


Add any new information to your knowledge organiser.


Maths 10:30 am

Number of the day - 3 digit number 

Divide by 3 

Remember divide means shared by 


Topic 1pm 

PE Day! 

Today is P.E Day 

*There will not be a teams meeting this afternoon. The year 3 team will be planning next weeks work!* 

Aut3.11.2 - Divide by 3