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Tuesday 2nd February

English 9:00am 

  • Read the little bit of writing on the top of the page. 
  • Write what happens next. 
  • Think about how Barney turns it into something amazing



Maths 10:30am 

  • Number of the day - pick your own 3 digit number 
  • Multiplication sentences using x

*hint* x (multiply/times) means 'groups of' 

4 x 3 = 4 groups of 3 


Topic 1:00pm

PE Day! 

Today is P.E Day 

*There will not be a teams meeting this afternoon. The year 3 team will be planning next weeks work!* 


Resources for English

Aut3.9.2 - Multiplication using the symbol

Blob tree

Look at the blob tree and decide which 'blob' most reflects how you are feeling right now. Can you talk about your feelings to the people around you?