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Tuesday 2nd March

English 9:00am 

Career detectives! 

Look at the clues and decide what job/career they are describing. 

Your challenge is to order the clues from most helpful to least helpful. 


When you have worked them all out, pick a job and write 4 clues to describe that job. 

Can you order them too?


Maths 10:30 am 

Number of the day - 320

Video and sheet 

Play Coconut Multiples - Reinforce Times Tables ( Choose either 2,3 or 4 times tables and find the multiples (the numbers in that sequence of times tables). Challenge yourself with the 8 times table!


P.E Day 

Today is P.E Day 

*There will not be a teams meeting this afternoon. The year 3 team will be planning next weeks work!* 

Resources for English

Aut3.12.2 - Multiply by 8