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Tuesday 9th February

English 9:00 am 

China Vs. The UK 

  • Look through the powerpoint presentation on China up to the grid on slide number 4
  • Think about what you know already, and what you want to know on the sheet. Leave the last column blank for now you can fill that in as you go along
  • Read through the rest of the powerpoint , if there is any new information that you didn't know already, you can add this to the last column on your grid 
  • Read through the facts about China and the UK 
  • Fill in the comparison sheet using the facts you have read about 
  • Don't forget to keep going back to the last column on your grid and fill in things you have found out that you didn't already know! 



Maths 10:30

  • Number of the day - challenge yourself by timing how long it takes you to fill out the entire sheet today 
  • Grouping


Topic 1:00pm

PE Day! 

Today is P.E Day 

*There will not be a teams meeting this afternoon. The year 3 team will be planning next weeks work!* 


Aut3.10.2 - Make equal groups - grouping