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VE Day Ideas


Friday the 8th of May is the 75th anniversary of VE day.

You could find out more about why we commemorate this here.


During the war, people were only allowed to buy certain amounts of popular and difficult to get food. People had to adapt recipes so that they could still eat the things that they liked. Here is a simple recipe book with some wartime recipes to try. I still have Trench Stew but I don't call it that and I leave out the stale bread!

Code Breaking


During the war it was very important to be able to send messages without the enemy knowing what was being said and for us to know what they were saying to each other. Bletchley Park was very important in making a machine which could decode messages for us. The Enigma Machine was incredibly important to the war effort. It was Bletchley Park which first found out about the surrender of Germany in 1945. 

Here are some code breaking activities for you  to try. 



The Spitfire plane was particularly important during the Battle for Britain. They were quick and nimble fighter planes. Below are two templates - one for making your own Spitfire and one for making a paper aeroplane. Why not have a go at making your own and seeing how far they can fly. 

When the war ended after nearly six years, everyone took to the streets and had parties with their neighbours and friends to  celebrate. 


We can't do this at the moment due to Covid-19 but you could have your own party in your garden to commemorate.