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#Wakeup Wednesday

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 The National Online Safety campaign believe in empowering parents, carers and trusted adults with the information they need to hold informed and age-appropriate conversations about online safety with their child, should they feel it is needed. Every Wednesday they produce guides to focus on specific platforms/risks which they believe trusted adults should be aware of. Find the link to their website here ..

This weeks #WakeUpWednesday is all about our children’s mental health. This guide provides parents and carers with 10 conversation starters to get children talking about their thoughts and worries.

The Zoom boom💥💻 Happy #WakeUpWednesday! With the recent rise in Zoom usage during #lockdown, National Online Safety have created this free guide so that parents & carers can ensure safe usage of the platform and avoid getting #Zoombombed!

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#WakeUpWednesday's in the house👋🏠Today we look at #Houseparty; the face-to-face social network, keeping the nation entertained during lockdown. As current #1 in the app store, #OnlineSafety is key. How can we ensure safe usage of the platform?

Although children of all ages often watch YouTube content directly via the website or main YouTube app, YouTube itself states that the only place children should be watching its videos is in the YouTube Kids app.
YouTube is an online platform – owned by Google – where anyone can upload & watch video content. All different types of information, advice & entertainment are uploaded & billions of people tune in to watch, rate & comment on it. As a parent, it’s important you understand exactly what content your children might be seeing.