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W/c 04.05.2020

Maths Challenge: Dotty Six

Look at the game "Dotty Six" here:


It's a fun game that children of all ages can play (so start by just doing that); if you don't have one, there are dice available in the outdoor classroom at school. There are then suggestions of how to extend it at the bottom of the page, making it harder for older children. There are also other suggestions for how to extend it here:


Each day, try changing the rules and discuss the strategies for how to win, or make up your own game using the dice, and write out the rules for someone else to know how to play! 


This week, the Friday Family challenge is to write letters to friends or relatives who might be self-isolating at the moment, or just a family member you haven't seen for a while! You could let them know what you have been doing, but also write about what you are looking forward to when the lockdown is over. You could also ask them questions about what they have been doing too.


Create your own pocket solar system!


Watch the video here to find out how to create your own pocket solar system:


After that, do some research into the different planets. Can you create a family planet fact file? What amazing facts can you find out? You could also stay up late one night and do some stargazing - there some free stargazing apps that can teach you about the night sky and help you find constellations of stars.


If the weather isn't great, older children might enjoy watching this series on the BBC iplayer:


Younger children will find some good resources here: