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WC 15th June



I hope you are all ok. I miss you and all your brilliant-ness! Remember you can still drop me an email and I will write back. I am teaching in school now so the reply might not be straight away. 


Stay safe and I hope that you manage to see some of your families and friends now that some of the restrictions are being eased. 


See you soon, 

Mrs Riley





Suggested Learning Timetable - Screen Required

White Rose Maths


Click on the star for your year group's White Rose Maths worksheets. These will also be in the boxes in the outdoor classroom at school.

Wider Curriculum


Greece - in close up.

You can learn all about Ancient Greece and the birth of the Olympics and how they have changed. 


You will need our class login for the Oddizzi webpage. Please email me if you do not have it and I can send it through the school app.

Science & Technology

Here are some ideas for learning around science and technology. They include mirror writing, designing a sports kit for a specific sport and more...