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W/c 18.05.2020

​​​​​​Maths this week is... LEGO maths!


Have a look at this website:


It has some fantastic ideas for how children of all ages can use LEGO to investigate a range of maths, from counting on in ones for younger children, through to multiplication, data collection, area and perimeter, and even fractions. Choose a different activity a day, or even easier, see how many different ways your children can think of to use LEGO for maths!


No LEGO? No problem! Use virtual lego here:

Teaching Fractions with LEGO Bricks.mp4

Still image for this video

Literacy Activity

Visit and look at their share a story challenge.


We want you to complete our story using your own words. When you have finished, why don’t you get in touch with an older friend, relative or neighbour and share it with them? We are sure they would love to hear it.


The story begins like this: Harry and Mia had been kicking their football against the wall all morning. “Right, you two!” called Mum. “Let’s go out and walk off some of that energy.” Mia scooped up the football in her arms and the trio set off down the road. They were just about to stroll past the large house on the corner, when a loud noise made them all jump. The football dropped to the floor and as Harry bent to pick it up, his jaw dropped in surprise when he saw...


On the main multi-age page there is a new link to a sunflower growing competition as part of "Chesterfield's still blooming". You could do lots of good learning around what plants need to grow, measuring the plant as it shoots towards the sky, and could plan a science experiment, changing different variables to see if they affect how tall the sunflowers grow.