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W/c 27.04.2020

Family Maths Challenge with Rachel Riley

Have a go at activity 5:


Older children can have a go at creating the bar chart, drawing them from scratch. For younger children, try setting up different targets (e.g. pots and pans) with different scores for each. Can your children add up their scores for each round?


Can you create a different game each day, collecting and presenting data about your scores?


Literacy Activity 

Have a go at activity 4:


You can choose any book to draw your illustration. After that, can you write your own story with the character you've drawn in it? You could plan, write and illustrate your story over several days, and turn it into your own book.

- Younger children could say their story aloud for their grown up to write down for them, or use their phonic skills to work out some unknown words and write it themself. Can they write a sentence or two a day?

- For older children, can their story have an introduction, build up, problem, resolution and ending? Can they choose some amazing vocabulary to include?


Science & Cryptography Challenge

Have a look at challenge 22 in the pack below. Can you create a secret message? Do some research online into cryptography (the art of writing or solving codes), for example here or here


For younger children, can they solve a puzzle set using the pigpen cipher? You could set this up as a treasure hunt, solving the clues to find a treat at the end. 

Could older kids create a poster showing the different types of codes and ciphers? 

Could older kids research the Enigma machine, or find out who Alan Turing was?