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Wednesday 10th February

English 9:00 am 

  • Watch the story of the great race again, the Chinese Zodiac story 
  • What order do things happen in? 
  • Which animal comes first? Which animal comes last? 
  • Can you write the order of the animals? 
  • If you could change the story in any way, what would you change?  Use the comic strip to draw your version of the story, what you think or want to happen.


Maths 10:30am

  • Number of the day - time yourself again,are you quicker than yesterday? What is your goal time that you want to complete it in? 
  • Divide by 2

*hint* divide means 'shared by' 



Topic 1:00pm 

  • What does Chinese New Year look like? 
  • Do you think it looks like our New Year? Do they celebrate it in the same way? 
  • Write 3 'I thinks...' about how Chinese New Year is celebrated. 
  • Then watch the videos from the link to see if you were right Chinese and Lunar New Year - CBeebies - BBC
  • How do they celebrate Chinese New Year? What is the same and what is different to how we celebrate New Year? 
  • Below are some traditions for you to try
  • Have a go at drawing some symbols 
  • Make an play dominoes 
  • Have a go at the tangrams. If you don't have a paper copy try this - Tangram Builder – Mathigon

Resources for English

The Great Race - Chinese Zodiac | Folk Tale Time | A Cool School Folk Tale

Aut3.10.3 - Divide by 2