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Wednesday 13th January

Daily active challenge - Bounce up and down on the spot until you’re exhausted:

Bronze: 20 times

Silver: 40 times

Gold 70+ times


9.00 English - Writing a thank you letter.

Think about the beetle or the flea. Decide which creature you would like to be. Remember the work we did yesterday from the point of view of another, write a letter saying thank you to the caterpillar (p9 of activity pack). Use your ideas from yesterday. What are you saying thank you for? How did it make you feel? what did you do with the shoes? 

Think about how you would begin and end your letter. 


10.30 Maths

Number of the day - 599

Spot the pattern - making it explicit. Watch the video and try to answer the questions on the worksheet. You will find your place value chart and objects useful or you could draw a chart and the counters. Remember to find a missing number you can subtract the numbers you already have.


1.00 - Topic

Design your ideal shoes. Think about the fabric you would use, who the shoes would be for, where they would be used etc. Is there anything special about your shoes (secret compartments/special buttons?). Label your design with as much detail as possible. Use colour to really promote your design.


TTRockstars - 15 minutes. How many coins can you earn?


Aut3.6.2 - Spot the pattern - making it explicit

This is "Aut3.6.2 - Spot the pattern - making it explicit" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.