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Wednesday 18th November



LO:  Introducing Line Graphs

Watch the video here

Work through the worksheet alongside the video.


Finished with time to spare? Have a go at the task at the bottom of this page. Think carefully about what the graph could be showing and make an explanation to go with it. 


15 minutes of TT Rockstars. We have started a rock tournament in competition with Miss Riley’s class.





Lesson 3 – to analyse characters

(Note from Mrs Riley)

In this lesson, we will explore the main characters in the text in more detail. Our main focus is on Miss Root, the new dentist, and the impression of her that we get as we read about her actions and the way in which the previous dentist died. Some children may be sensitive to this depending on their circumstances but it is around the same level as a Roald Dahl book. 

We explore the terms irony and sarcasm.

You could present your learning as a picture diagram. Use the sheet at the bottom of the page below to create an idea of what Miss Root is like.  If you cannot print it off you could draw your own picture of how you imagine Miss Root and record your ideas around it. 

In the picture ( on the document)  - why is it strange that she is giving sweets to children? What might be her motive (reason)?



Choose an activity from your pack - a reading comprehension or a SPAG mat


15 minutes on Spelling Shed – I have set up an assignment for this week.

Reading a book of your own choice.




What was the Golden Age of Ancient Greece?

All you need for the online lesson is a pencil, a ruler and your home learning book.

Want to do some more? 

Use the PDF at the bottom of the page to find out more about the Ancient Olympics. How are they different to the ones held today? I have included a recording sheet to use if you wish. 



Complete a lesson from your Ancient Greece printed booklet.



Why not have some non-screen and just listen mindfully to some music, you could really try to focus on aspect of the music, the words, the tune, the bass or the rhythm  - why not try something that you wouldn't normally listen to. 



Stay Active - You could choose a short workout to follow from Joe Wicks or do an activity of your own choosing.