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Wednesday 18th

Warm up with Joe Wicks! 




Subtract a 3-gigit number from a 3-digit number (exchange) 

TT Rockstars - 15 minutes per day – There is ongoing battle between our class and Mrs Riley’s class. We can do it! 


There is also NUMBOTS – This will help you with your number bonds and your log in is the same as TT Rockstars. 





Spelling (exercise, experience, experiment, extreme) 

Choose from any of the activities below: 

  • Page 9 of the spelling booklet 

  • 10 minutes completing the assignment Spelling Shed - 

  • Spelling sheets from the home learning pack 

  • Have a go at the activity below 


Narrative writing (including elements of grammar)  
The Robin - 


Year 4 Home learning Pack: Mission Possible 

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure? Have you ever wanted to be a spy? Writing your own adventure story with Kat Pennington. 




Spend 10 minutes reading to an adult. 

What is the main character feeling? How do you know that from their actions? Find the evidence in the text. 




What is an adaptation? 

In this lesson, you will be learning about adaptations. You will be looking at the conditions in different environments and the characteristics that animals have that help them to survive. You are then going to design your own creatures that are adapted to an environment! You will need a pencil and a piece of paper for this lesson.